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EVTeC and APE Japan 2014 was successfully closed with 264 participants.


Outstanding Presentation Award Winners are below:
(In Paper Number Order)

Su Y. Choi, Beom W. Gu, Seog Y. Jeong, Chun T. Rim
Ultra Slim S-type Inductive Power Transfer System for Roadway Powered Electric Vehicles


Koji Shiozaki, Jae Seung Lee, Tsuyoshi Nomura
(Toyota Research Institute of North America)
Bret Whitaker, Adam Barkley, Zach Cole, Brandon Passmore, Ty McNutt, Alexander Lostetter
(Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc.)
Design and Verification of High Frequency SIC On-board Vehicle Battery Charger for PHV/EV


Martha Christenson, Aaron Loiselle-Lapointe
(Environment Canada, Emissions Research and Measurement Section)
Ian Whittal, Norm Meyer
(Transport Canada, ecoTechnology for Vehicles, Environmental Initiatives)
Impact of Mileage Accumulation, Vehicle Aging, Cold Ambient Temperature (-7°C and -18°C), and Driving Style on Range and Energy Consumption of Two Japanese Battery Electric Passenger Vehicles


Makoto Kamachi, Kazunori Handa
(Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
Development of the EV-based Plug-in Hybrid System and its Potential


Ryosuke Utaka, Hiroshi Kaneiwa, Atsushi Umeda, Mitsuru Kato
Tatsuhiko Mizutani, Akira Takasaki
Development of Down-sized Motor Stator


Mitsuo Onishi, Koki Notake, Takuhiro Matsuyama, Akihiro Yoshimura
(IHI Corporation)
Takashi Koto, Hisashi Higashi
(Hino Motors, Ltd.)
Development of a Lithium-ion Battery Pack System for Small EV Buses